Diviir Kel

Diviir is 5'3" is athletically built but slim. Her hair is white and worn down in all its shoulder length and tousled glory. Her eyes are a soft blue.


General Demeanor: Diviir is very opinionated, has the tendency to vocally advocate for her viewpoint, and careful; Shar would be proud of her… and technically is. Unfortunately 22 years of age is really young for a Drow and that immaturity shines through from time to time.

Hello everyone

My name is Diviir Kel, Drow extrodionaire. No wait, that is the entirely wrong term. Umm, start over.
Until I was about 10 years old I grew up in the underdark like most Drow until that fateful “bring your child/future sociopathic murderer” to work day. My dad was your average slaver whose job was to go to the surface and find the lesser races to be our loyal and not at all repressed servants. My Dad was also a drunk who spent each night complaining about the matriarchy during various drunken rants which just so happened to include the night of the raid. As it turns out, drunkenly ranting while approaching a town is the absolute worst way to stealth. And he discovered this via the pike that would soon have his head mounted upon it. Oh well, I never really liked him anyway.

So there I was in the midst of the chaos as I saw everyone I knew and tolerated slaughtered before me when one of the militia, I think, ran up to me sword drawn intent on ending the life of what I can only assume she believed her first sighting of a strangely well-proportioned drow midget. Then she stopped and just… stared at me. It was like she had never seen a child before. So I decided to remind her. I kicked her in the shin as hard as I possibly could. Turns out her shins were armored. I broke my toe and passed out from the pain. Ow.

I woke up several hours later to arguing and… you know this is boring. Basically, shin lady was named Shar and she decided I was too stupid to be dangerous or something like that and said something about killing children being wrong. I honestly wasn’t paying attention. Broken toes hurt! The end result was me getting adopted by her. She is a dwarf who owns the local blacksmith and is apparently kinda a big deal.

The next several years were spent learning a bit of the blacksmithing trade. I even made my own weapon. It’s a glaive. Mom says I should name it. I am terrible at names. Or did she say remake it… Anyway! I also spent that time trying not to get blamed for absolutely everything bad that ever happened with a 5 mile vicinity of myself. After getting blamed by some visitor to the city for his lost coinpurse for the 10umpteeth time, I decided to just run with it. I went with the constable without a fuss, explained myself AGAIN and then suggested a trade. I let myself be taken in for various “crimes” I supposedly perpetrated and the constabulary get to go out and find the criminals who now have their guard down. Basically, I make a great scapegoat. Eventually they even started leaving the key out. That way I could sneak home and not be late for dinner. This was especially important when I was out getting the ingredients for dinner. Shar did NOT appreciate me being late.

Eventually, I started working more directly for the constabulary where I started learning basic illusion magic. Mom said it was cowardly but the investigator said that sometimes the best way to not get hit is to make them think they will hit you. Also, throwing your voice is amazing when a group of 3 thugs stop you in an alleyway to try and beat you up because your race happens to be the same as the race who murdered their second cousin twice removed or something like that.

Recently, I have decided that it is time I started expand my skills by applying for an adventuring guild. I figure that will make me more competent AND allow me to become more well-known meaning less chance of someone trying to murder me because they are rascist. So yeah, here we go

P.S. Met a guy. Tieflings. Tieflings are weird. I have never been serenaded before. Now I have. Not sure what I think about that.


Diviir Kel

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