Nicholas Maybrush

Lord Maybrush


Maybrush cuts a very imposing figure both physically and in his regal bearing. Though seemingly in his mid to late 40’s, he possesses both a strength and grace that seem to belie his age. Always dressed to impress, Maybrush is often seen tending to his businesses but yet never seems to engage directly with any person other than those of nobility. This is a majorly contributing factor to why he has lost the running for Mayor to Valum in the two most recent elections.


Maybrush claims to have been a traveling trader in his years before settling in Melinir, though none have been able to corraborate his claims. Regardless, he bought and settled into his current estate in the city ten years ago, and his wealth has only seemed to grow in the meantime. He has ownership, shares, or holdings in a vast majority of Melinir trade and business, and makes no attempt to disguise his ambitions to eventually supplant Valum as the Mayor. He currently sits as the Chairman of the city council, and is also a major contributor to both the Temple and the Library, both of which are run as charitable organizations.

Nicholas Maybrush

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