Mayor Valum

Mayor of Melinir and member of the Quadrial


Although still a fairly young man, Valum looks about 10 years older than he actually is. Despite his busy and harrying schedule he will always spare some time for those he counts as friends, a title which he extends to even those most recently met. Though it may seem lightly given, one should not scoff at his friendship, as he is a former full time adventurer and indeed a member of the famed Quadrial itself.


In addition to his day to day duties in running Melinir, Valum also oversees the newly minted Adventurer’s Guild. The public perception of the Guild is that its creation was to facilitate easier recruitment for the Quadrial, after their failed attempt to oust the red dragon, Scorch, ended in the deaths of several key members of the previous Quadrial. Unbeknownst to the public, however, the Adventurers serve a much nobler purpose. They are Valum’s first and only line of defense against the growing threat of the ghouls, who are gathering and growing stronger just south of the city. Using the recent attacks of the lizardmen who are fleeing the ghoulish advance as cover, Valum believes that there will be uncontrollable panic if the public were to discover the true danger to the city. He is only tenuously holding on to his position as Mayor mainly winning over the citizens of the city by his past affiliation with the Quadrial, and through his pleasant demeanor and strong work ethic. He fears that should the ghoul threat come to light, the public will turn to his nemesis, Nicholas Maybrush, for leadership.

Mayor Valum

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