Secretary to the Mayor


Half-Elfven scribe Connor handles the day to day scheduling and paperwork for the city council. Tall and thin with a very pale complexion, Connor is nonetheless very fluid and graceful in his movements and can handle himself very well. Armed with a quill, ink, and a very dry personality nothing enters his office that is not handled quickly, efficiently, and through the proper channels.


Connor is one of three half-elven brothers (triplets) who reside within the Rift. Ever the most studious of the trio, Connor suffers from mild obsessive compulsive disorder. He can feel a bit overwhelming to the average visitor, but if one follows the appropriate etiquette they may find a strong ally in Melinir’s scribe. Unfortunately, however, he is also a glutton for gossip and is a great source of rumor and hearsay within the city. Given his meticulous background, it is usually safe to assume that the information passed on by Connor can be trusted to have been double and triple checked for credibility.
Connor also meddles somewhat in a bit of enchanting, and possesses a great love for all things artifact. He is more than happy to display his latest accomplishments, and also will attempt identification or modification on wares, usually only charging base costs.


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